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24. June 2010

Overmoulding of PC/ABS compounds

From Elastocon TPE Technologies, Inc. comes the STK 40 and STK 60 range of TPEs that are said to overmould easily and with excellent adhesion onto PC/ABS compounds.

The TPEs can enhance, improve, provide added protection or sound or vibration dampening, or otherwise complement a variety of consumer and industrial end products made of these PC or PC/ABS blends. Further, the low hardness (40 and 60 Shore A respectively) gives the products a soft touch or feel.

In addition to being suitable for overmoulding or co-extrusion applications, the TPE grades can be extruded, blow moulded or compounded. The STK series also has excellent colourability.

The company cites a list of PC/ABS compound brands where the new STK series of TPEs are claimed to have excellent overmould capabilities. Among them are LNP Faradex, Bayblend, 4Loy, Diablend, Durolux, Elastablend, Greenloy, Nex­alloy, Polyblend, Hytex, Triloy, etc.

Faradex compounds are used for EMI/FI attenuation to provide electromagnetic and radio frequency interference in enclosures and components for business and medical equipment and optical instrumentation. Other PC and PC/ABS blends and PC alloys are used for appliance housings, mechanical parts for computers and service equipment and diagnostic equipment.

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