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28. June 2010

Plastomer for direct processing or PP modification

A recent addition to Ultra­polymers’ distribution portfolio is LyondellBasell’s Koattro KT AR05 plastomer for direct processing or use as a modifying agent for PP.

Uncured and without the need of plasticiser, this material is said to combine high flexibility (bending stiffness 20MPa) with a low compression set at high temperatures and a high level of ductility.

The plastomer can be converted to films, profiles, etc. Being non-toxic and approved for food contact, seals and gaskets for closing systems are a large potential area of application. Beyond this, it is well-suited to foaming processes, facilitating the manufacture of flexible sheets. When used as modifier for PP, Koattro KT AR05 significantly reduces the material’s stress whitening, compression set, hardness and rigidity, whilst at the same time increasing its elongation at break, toughness, and transparency.

The newly-developed grade KT AR05 is the first commercially available member in a growing family of Koattro plastomers by LyondellBasell. Among other grades to follow is a high flow grade for injection moulding, which is already available for trial purposes. A highly transparent metocene grade is also currently under development for assembly.

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