Who we are ...

Who we are

Dr. Gupta Verlags GmbH is a globally active specialist publisher of technical journals. With its focus on the material groups rubber, thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) and polyurethane, we successfully serve the supply chain of these industries as an information service provider, from raw material suppliers to processors and OEMs. Our publications are valued as reliable information portals and serve as reference sources and trend-setting information carriers in these industries.

We are currently the only publishing house worldwide to offer magazines in German and international editions for the materials rubber and polyurethane. In addition, we publish the world's first and only magazine devoted exclusively to the material group of thermoplastic elastomers (TPE).

Where do we come from?

The roots of our publishing house today go back to the journal GAK | Gummi Fasern Kunststoffe, whose origins date back to 1948. Since 1972, Dr. Heinz Gupta was the editor-in-chief of this traditional trade journal for the rubber industry, and from 1993 he continued the journal under his own management in his own publishing house. It was also Heinz Gupta who firmly established the journal in the German-speaking rubber community and gave it the high standing in the industry that it still enjoys today. Over the years, the promising material groups of polyurethanes and TPE were thematically spun off from GAK to dedicate their own magazines to them: PU Magazin (2001), PU Magazine International (2004) and TPE Magazine (2009). In order to serve the information needs not only of the German-speaking but also of the international rubber industry, the title RFP | Rubber Fibres Plastics was launched in 2006.

All these magazines are successful publications with a high circulation and an excellent standing with their respective target groups in Germany and abroad. Today, the publishing house serves customers on all continents and is present at trade fairs and conferences worldwide as an exhibitor and media partner.

The editorial team has excellent contacts in industry and science. The editors communicate at the same eye level with decision-makers and key players and are well connected with industry associations at home and abroad as well as with universities and research institutes. In addition to their editorial work, they are in demand as guest speakers and chairmen at conferences. Their competent professional judgement and expertise make them valued members of professional juries, strategy circles and advisory boards.