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I have loved you with an everlasting love

Yes, I have loved you with an everlasting love;
therefore with loving kindness
have I drawn you.
(Confirmation quote 1948)


Dear friends,

when you read these lines, Heinz Gupta no longer walks this earth. – Or does he? – In your hearts?

For thousands of years monumental tombs, pyramids or cathedrals have been built to keep alive the memory of the deceased. The most beautiful cathedrals, however, are the very hearts of friends in which a person lives on.

Many people have been very good to me and have supported and protected me.
I thank them all!

And, regretfully, I also hurt other people by knowingly or unknowingly doing them wrong. For this I ask for forgiveness.
Please forgive me!

I hope you all will have many more joyful and happy years. Be kind to each other and
to the animals and plants, to all of God’s creation.

Your Heinz Bijoy Prosad Gupta


We mourn the loss of
Dr. Heinz Bijoy Prosad Gupta
*31.7.1932    †30.9.2020

Indira Gupta
and the staff of the
Dr. Gupta Verlag


Hennecke: Reorganisation of metering machine production

Hennecke announced that despite the omnipresent Corona crisis, the company is investing around EUR 2 million in a step-by-step structural transformation of its standardised metering machine production. Creating added value under the umbrella of the company’s “Hennecke 2.0” strategy, this venture represents one of the largest single investments in the company’s recent history at the Hennecke parent facility in Germany.


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Five days packed with foam, adhesive and bonding innovations – Virtual double event Foam Expo Connect and Adhesive & Bonding Expo Connect

During five days packed with innovation, more than 2,500 foam, adhesive and bonding professionals from leading supply chain and OEM organizations connected. From 24 – 28 August 2020 industry experts had the chance to hold meetings, attend conference sessions, discuss opportunities, share ideas, and conduct business.


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Scientific exchange in times of Corona – 30th International Colloquium Plastics Technology of the IKV

The International Colloquium Plastics Technology 2020 marked both an anniversary and a premiere. It was the 30th time that IKV’s wide range of research topics was presented at a colloquium, but for the first time – due to the corona pandemic – in digital form. Main topics were circular economy, industry 4.0 and additive manufacturing.


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Preview to Chinaplas 2021 – “New Era – New Potential – Innovation for Sustainability”

The 34th edition of Chinaplas has been rescheduled to 13 – 16 April 2021, at a new venue – Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center. The trade fair will from 2021 on alternate between Shenzhen (odd years) and Shanghai (even years). Chinaplas organiser Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd. held a press conference on 23 June to give an outlook to the event 2021. Stanley Chu, Chairman of Adsale, Ada Leung, General Manager of Adsale, and Norris Chu, Project Director of Adsale, announced updates about the trade show and discussed post-pandemic opportunities in the plastics and rubber industries.


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Polyurethane chemicals and products in Europe, Middle East and Africa – New market study from IAL Consultants

IAL Consultants has published the 13th edition of its report on the markets for polyurethane chemicals and products in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA). The study updates and expands upon the information included in the previous study published in 2018. The information contained within this report is based upon an extensive programme of interviews throughout the industry. The report contains both PU product production and raw material consumption figures with 2019 as the base year and market forecasts provided to 2024.


From traditional business to innovative family company – 150 years of Fecken-Kirfel – 150 years of tradition and innovation

It was the year 1870 and the textile industry in the western German city of Aachen was booming. A visionary young machine maker by the name of Johann Fecken took the brave decision to found his own engineering company. Financial assistance in this endeavour came from his father-in-law, who bore the family name Kirfel. Fecken-Kirfel was born. The company initially produced machines for textiles production and wool spinning. Over the years, the product portfolio grew and became more diverse. The business began producing machine tools, followed by machines for processing leather, then splitting and cutting machines for the plastic, rubber and cork industries. It was here that Fecken-Kirfel found the specialisation for which it is known around the world today as a technological pioneer.


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Sustainable release agents on aqueous basis – Interview with Dr. Holger Klyszcz-Nasko, Head of R&D, Acmos Chemie KG

Acmos Chemie KG is a worldwide operating family-owned company with headquarters in Bremen and has been operating successfully in the field of release agents and process aids for more than 100 years. PU Magazine spoke with Dr. Holger Klyszcz-Nasko, Head of R&D, about the history of the company and how Acmos is positioned in the field of sustainability and circular economy.


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Responsibility for increased safety in the polyurethane industry – Tank farm assessments by Covestro on the example of Ventius International LLC

Tank farm assessments (TFAs) are one of the best practice programmes developed by Isopa and its member companies for the polyurethane industry. The objective of TFAs is to ensure the highest level of safety for the transportation and storage of chemicals – primarily diisocyanates, such as MDI and TDI, and polyols – in accordance with the latest standards. A detailed assessment is carried out based on a checklist created by Isopa, which is used to inspect diisocyanate unloading and loading procedures at customer locations. After inspection, the customer receives a report with recommendations for improving occupational and environmental safety.


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Fundamental polyurethanes foam flow simulations using bubble nucleation and growth models

Several computational tools exist which can simulate the filling of molds with physically and/or chemically blown polyurethane foams. Many of these tools utilize foam expansion relationships based on experimental data, such as Foamat runs. A fundamental foam model has been developed inside Dow that includes multiphase flow physics, kinetic models for gelling and blowing reactions as well as nucleation and bubble growth relationships to characterize the cell structure within the foam. Greater computational flexibility and increased formulation optimization is achieved through severing the restriction for the model to solely rely on experimental foam rise data. The capabilities of this foam flow tool will be demonstrated and compared against data for several formulations and mold geometries.


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Novel anti-scorch package for polyol and PU foams significantly reducing emissions in automotive interior

From furniture and bedding to automotive and sport applications, consumer expectations for both quality and performance are constantly increasing. These expectations also now include environmentally-friendly, health-conscious, and sustainable product solutions. Subsequently, the attention to final article volatile component emission has greatly increased. As leaders in this push for environmental and health awareness, automotive OEMs have been setting stringent material and final article emissions requirements, raising the standard to new levels to enhance vehicle interior air quality (VIAQ). Anti-scorch packages prevent degradation of polyol / PU foams, helping to prevent formation of volatile side products that contribute to emissions, including aldehydes. Among anti-scorch systems, non-amine packages are well received not only because of their zero contribution to amine emissions but also due to their ability to confer to foams improved gas fading resistance and low light-induced discoloration, leading to high-quality foams. This paper will illustrate the novel anti-scorch system Irgastab PUR 70. It provides protection against scorch and formation of volatile degradation products, leading to extremely low emissions – VOC, FOG and aldehydes. Its thermal permanence also leads to extremely low FOG contribution. This enables foam formulations and manufacturers to meet the most stringent emission specifications set by the automotive industry and regulatory bodies, to support the VIAQ targeted improvements and to reach aggressive global sustainability goals.


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Mechanical performance of novel polyisobutylene-based elastomeric polyurethanes before and after hydrolysis

The mechanical performance of thermoplastic elastomeric polyurethanes (PUs) before and after hydrolysis is investigated. These new PUs were prepared with a new asymmetric polyisobutylene-diol (PIB-diol), without the use of solvents, and with short reaction times. The PUs were made with dicyclohexylmethane 4,4'-diisocyanate and 1,4-butanediol in the hard segments and poly(hexamethylene carbonate) (PC)-diol and polyisobutylene (PIB)-diol in the soft segments. The functionality of PIB-diol was verified by mass spectrometry. Optimum solventless synthesis conditions and performance were found with a mixture of 50/50 PIB-diol/PC-diol (28.9 wt% PIB in the PU). This PU had 26.03 ± 1.19 MPa tensile strength with 286.92 ± 12.17 % elongation before and 16.22 ± 0.65 with 301.17 ± 15.08 % elongation after American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) hydrolytic stability testing. Importantly, after the hydrolytic stability testing, the stress-strain plot of this PIB-PU was similar to that of the control PC-PU. The PU with 70/30 PIB-diol/PC-diol (41.2 wt% PIB in the PU) performed slightly better but needed solvent during synthesis because of the high viscosity of the mixtures.


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