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08. February 2012

Zeon Product Guide 2012

The annual Zeon Product Guide serves as a reference source to those working in the rubber industry, detailing the various properties of each of the company’s products.

New this year to the lineup are Zetpol EP polymers and HyTemp AR212XP elastomers. Part of Zeon Chemicals’ HNBR product line, Zetpol EP features low viscosity and good process safety that can improve and simplify processing in injection moulding applications. HyTemp AR212XP, the newest grade of the HyTemp polyacrylate elastomer family, is intended for use in charge air cooler (CAC) hose for turbo diesel (TDi) or turbo gasoline applications and other high-performance auto parts, offering an increased rate of extrusion as compared to other polyacrylate elastomers. A copy of the 2012 Zeon Product Guide can be downloaded at www.zeonchemicals.com.

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