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18. December 2009

Stepan Europe publishes new “Product Selector Guide”

The European arm of Stepan Company’s polyols division has recently published an updated version of its product selector guide (PSG) for Stepanpol aromatic polyester polyols produced for the European market at its Wesseling, Germany, plant.

Stepanpol polyester polyols are a series of materials designed for use in a wide variety of polyurethane applications including the manufacture of rigid PU and PIR insulation foams, flexible foams, coatings, adhesives sealants and elastomers. The product range features both modified and unmodified aromatic polyester polyols based on phthalic anhydride, diethylene glycol and bio-renewable feed-stocks. Stepan’s position in key raw materials, as well as its extensive expertise in production results in a series of polyols having high performance, purity, clear, low colour and consistency.
According to Stepan, the new PSG includes the full range of polyols that underpins the company’s approach to assisting processors of PU insulation panels and boards to develop their own, independent in-house PIR formulation capability to enhance proprietary intellectual property and competitive advantage.

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