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11. May 2021

Biesterfeld: Exclusive distributor of Evonik’s Coatings Additives business line in Central and Southeastern Europe

Biesterfeld announced that it is expanding its long-term partnership in the field of paints and varnishes with Evonik, a leading manufacturer of chemical specialities. Following the companies’ successful cooperation for a selected portfolio in various countries, Biesterfeld has received further distribution rights. With immediate effect, the company is now the exclusive distributor for Evonik’s Coating Additives business line (CAD) in Central and Southeastern Europe.

The portfolio includes silica products from the product groups of matting agents, speciality fillers, extenders, silica-based rheology control agents, anti-settling and anti-sagging additives, which are known under the trade names Acematt, Aerosil, Aerodisp, Aeroxide, Sipernat, Spherilex, Zeofree, Zeothix and Zeolex. The matting agent Acematt, for example, is based on synthetic amorphous silica whose effective matting properties can be easily integrated into the coating system. The different matting agents are based on precipitated silica that enable the full spectrum of matting levels.

The portfolio is rounded off by liquid additives from the product groups of defoamers, deaerators, slip and flow additives, wetting and dispersing additives, hydrophobing agents, PU thickeners, radiation-curing additives, adhesion resins and promoters and co-binders, which are widely known as Tego additives, Tego VariPlus, Tego AddBond, silicone resins, nano composites, reactive modifiers, Surfynol, Dynol, Carbowet, Airase and Zetasperse. The different liquid additives products improve or enhance the mechanical properties of paints and coatings. For instance, the polyester resins from the Tego AddBond series improve the adhesion of the most diverse coating and printing ink formulations.

“As a long-term partner, Biesterfeld Spezialchemie has been at our side for years, successfully supporting the development of our coatings and additives portfolio in the European market. Their in-depth product expertise, reputation and knowledge of the industry are instrumental in assisting us to address the growing demands of our customers,” said Robert Styrzyński, Business Director Eastern Europe for Coating Additives at Evonik.


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