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12. October 2016

Ter Plastics: TPEs for automotive

K 2016
Ter Plastics Hall 8a Stand F33

The TPE group of Ter Plastics will present Sarlink from Teknor Apex and Arnitel from DSM for applications in automotive parts, such as air ducts under the bonnet or car interior floor mats.

For example, Teknor Apex Sarlink TPV series 4100 is heat-resistant up to 115 °C and DSM Arnitel TPC / PB582-H has an outstanding long-term heat ageing performance. Furthermore, the company will inform about its portfolio of engineered plastics and commodities from suppliers such as Versalis, Polyplastics, Total, etc. and also about compounds from its own production.

Ter Plastics at K 2016, hall 8a, stand F33


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