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The AX22 high pressure multi-component mixing head for the automotive seats industry (Source: Cannon)

10. October 2018

Cannon: Processing technologies for PU, composites and thermoformed products

Cannon announced that it will highlight its latest processing technologies for the industrial production of polyurethanes, composites and thermoformed products at Fakuma 2018, including:

  • Dosing units and mixing heads for polyurethane and epoxy formulations, specifically designed for flexible, rigid, microcellular and structural foams, with special attention for solutions specifically designed to work with modern blowing agents, fast-reaction formulations, solid fillers and abrasive additives. The most recent Cannon mixing heads for automotive and refrigeration industries, including the patented FPL-SR, will be displayed.
  • Turnkey solutions for the industrial production of composite reinforced parts using carbon and glass fibre:
    – Technologies like HP-RTM, JetPreg, Prepreg, Press and Wet Moulding;
    – Complete production lines, including stacking lines, preformers, moulds, presses, injection and handling systems, automation and control;
    – Injection units for polyurethanes, epoxy and Vynil esters;
    – Infusion units and accessory equipment (degassing units, glue dispensers) for wind blades production.

The FPL-SR mixing head for PU rigid foams (Source: Cannon)

The FPL-SR mixing head for PU rigid foams (Source: Cannon)

  • Complete plants for slabstock foams – with both continuous and discontinuous foaming technologies – adapt for conventional, high-resilience, filled and CO2-blown formulations.
  • Continuous and discontinuous foaming plants for rigid and flexible faced panels: the new Compact series of foam laminators for metal-faced and paper-paper sandwich panels – both featuring a patented drive system – is characterised by high output capacity, low energy consumption, accurate control of the geometrical parameters of the finished product and full compatibility with modern blowing agents.
  • Foaming lines for refrigerator and freezer cabinets and doors, also featuring the V.A.I. (Vacuum Assisted Injection) method for improved cabinet filling and thermal insulation, successfully used by the largest producers of white appliances.

Cannon foaming plant with Vacuum-Assisted Injection technology for the production of domestic refrigerators (Source: Cannon)

Cannon foaming plant with Vacuum-Assisted Injection technology for the production of domestic refrigerators (Source: Cannon)

  • Industrial thermoformers for large parts used in the refrigerator, automotive, sanitary ware and technical parts, characterised by sophisticated electronic controls and electric drives.
  • Complete solutions for automotive parts manufacturing – flexible seats, dashboards, steering wheels, headliners, interior trims, grommets, sun visors, NVH absorbers, carpet underlay, cavity filling, engine covers and shields, wheel arches and other components – through dedicated equipment designed to fit several technologies, like classic foaming, spray application, in-mould coating (clear and coloured) and gasketing.

According to the company, all the above-mentioned solutions are available in more than 40 countries where Cannon offers local service, fast availability of spare parts and technical assistance.


Cannon at Fakuma 2018
Hall A1, stand A1-1506

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