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19. March 2019

Songwon presents expanded range of speciality chemicals for coatings at the ECS 2019

ECS 2019
Songwon Hall 7A Stand 129

Following its successful debut at the ECS 2017, the South Korean company Songwon Industrial Co., Ltd. is exhibiting a number of products for the first time at the European Coatings Show (ECS) 2019, including two new stabilisers, an antioxidant, and two ranges of functional monomers.

Songwon is showcasing its new WB product range for coatings at the ECS 2019 (Source: Songwon)

Songwon is showcasing its new WB product range for coatings at the ECS 2019 (Source: Songwon)

At the trade show, Songwon is launching its new WB product range, a group of water-miscible products that have been developed to meet the increased demand for environmentally acceptable additives. “The new light stabilisers and antioxidant combine the efficiency of conventional products with the benefits not only of water miscibility and low-to-zero VOC generation, but also of easy dosing and handling,” explained Rosanna Telesca, Leader of the Market Center Coatings.

The range consists of a benzotriazole-based UV absorber – Songsorb CS 326 WB ‒ for waterborne industrial, architectural, decorative and wood coating applications, a waterborne triazine-based UV absorber ‒ Songsorb CS 400 WB ‒ which is also suitable for more demanding applications such as automotive coatings, and a water-compatible phenolic antioxidant ‒ Songnox CS 2450 WB – for polyurethane-based coatings. Together with the water-compatible hindered amine light stabiliser (HALS) Songsorb CS AQ01, which was introduced at the ECS 2017, these products provide a synergistic stabilisation package for water-based coating systems, said the company.

Songwon said it is currently working to expand the newly introduced WB range still further, with the addition of new WB blends of light stabilisers, which are currently being tested. These, together with the products that are being exhibited at the ECS 2019, will make up a comprehensive portfolio of water-compatible solutions for the coating industry.

Launch of functional monomers

According to Songwon, the first two ranges of functional monomers are now available and a third line is under development. “Functional monomers are speciality molecules that can provide a standard polymer with additional, enhanced performance effects and/or significantly improve processing performance,” said Heinrich Schulte, Leader of the Market Center Functional Monomers. “Resin manufacturers can benefit from the high performance as well as the cost efficiency of our new functional monomers,” he said.

ERM-6100 is the latest addition to Songwon’s range of dicyclopentadiene (DCPD) phenol resins. These monomers are mainly used during the manufacture of epoxy composites as epoxy resin modifiers (ERMs) in epoxy chain-extending reactions and as hardeners. The new monomer, which combines high functionality with low viscosity, has been developed especially for electronic applications and high-performance resins such as polybenzoxazine (PBO). With their different softening points, functionality and viscosity, the five products in the range cover a wide variety of requirements.

Songwon has also added two bisphenol (BP) monomers to its portfolio. BP-TMC is used to modify epoxy resins as well as non-optical polycarbonate and polyester polymers. It is distinguished by its cost efficiency and good chemical purity. TMBP, which is suitable for both epoxy and phenolic resins, is designed to ensure the highest purity and colour, and it gives the resin a high glass transition temperature. More BP grades are currently being scaled up and available in pilot quantities, said the company.


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