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(Source: Feica)

29. March 2019

Call for Speakers: Feica 2019

Feica, the Association of the European Adhesive & Sealant Industry, invites experts to share their knowledge and experience at the 2019 European Adhesive & Sealant Conference and Expo, which takes place at the Valamar Dubrovnik Hotels in Dubrovnik, Croatia, from 11 - 13 September 2019.

The Business Forum will explore the implications of the digital age for business and strive to identify practical strategies that will help adhesive and sealant companies to succeed in this new era.

Feica welcomes abstracts on a range of topics. The focus areas of the 2019 breakout sessions include:

  • Feedstock trends affecting raw material sourcing, sustainable procurement.
  • Accessing raw materials – availability, restrictions and (relative) price.
  • Raw material development and new product applications.
  • Digital technologies, data exchange in manufacturing and sales, automation.
  • Adhesive and sealant market trends, growth rates and outlook, emerging markets and market development.
  • Innovative manufacturing technologies, innovation and growth.
  • Downstream user perspective in construction, building, civil engineering, electronics, medical, paper and packaging, transportation, marine, Do-It-Yourself/retail, footwear and leather, woodworking and joinery, and assembly operations.
  • Resource-efficient technologies, energy and raw material sourcing, Circular Economy.
  • Durability, recycling, handling and use of adhesives and sealants.
  • Product innovation, progress in adhesion science, new chemistry.

Deadline for the submission of abstracts is 5 April 2019. 

Kristel Ons
E-mail k.ons@feica.eu


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