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22. August 2019

Era Polymers: Partnership with Summers Equipment

The Australian company Era Polymers announced a new partnership with Summers Equipment Inc., a manufacturer of material processing equipment. Effective immediately, Era Polymers is the exclusive agent for the Summers Equipment range of machines produced in Canada.

Dual drive planetary mixer from Summers Equipment (Source: Era Polymers)

Dual drive planetary mixer from Summers Equipment (Source: Era Polymers)

The dual drive planetary mixers are designed to mix a wide range of different elastomer chemistries, including high viscosity and heavily filled materials, without the use of blades. They can be used, e.g., for polyurethanes, silicones, inks, waxes, and filled polymers. The 5 kg model has a mixing capacity of 1 – 5 kg, and the larger 10 kg model has a mixing capacity of 4 – 10 kg.

Era Polymers will handle distribution of the dual planetary mixers globally, with the exception of North America, where Summers Equipment will continue to service and distribute to this market. Era Polymers is a global supplier of prepolymers used in the cast elastomer industry. Its head office in Banksmeadow, Sydney, Australia, has a demonstration machine available to showcase the capabilities of the dual drive planetary mixers.


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