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27. May 2021

IAL: New market study on PU chemicals and products in Asia Pacific 2021

IAL Consultants has announced the recent publication of its report on the markets for polyurethane chemicals and products in Asia Pacific. This new study updates and expands upon the information included in the previous study published in 2019.

According to the study, the total production of polyurethane products in the Asia-Pacific region was 13.1 million t in 2020. The Covid-19 pandemic meant that production declined by 4.3 % compared to the previous year. The polyurethane market was already in a period of slow growth in 2019, with a rise of just 1.1 % overall, and the fallout from the coronavirus tipped it into negativity. However, the recovery is expected to be swift, with the production in 2021 already reaching the pre-Covid-19 level. A CAGR of 4 % is expected over the next five years, with the best growth in elastomers and the weakest in binders.

The data in the eight-volume report “Polyurethane Chemicals and Products in Asia Pacific (APAC) 2021” include raw material consumption by product type, by region, by country and by major end-use industry. The Raw Materials volume contains supply and demand data for all of the major polyurethane raw material types. The Major End-Use Markets volume contains an overview of the major markets for PU products and a summary of trends and drivers. Prices for single volumes start at EUR 1,300, the complete report with database access costs EUR 15,700.

(More in our full report in the June issue of PU Magazine International)


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