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15. June 2005

Europur annual general meeting

On the occasion of the Europur annual general meeting on 9th and 10th June in Prague, the departing General Secretary Theo Speeleveld passed the baton on to his designated successor Hubert Creyf, who will be charged with management of the European flexible foam association with effect from 1st July. Top calibre speakers threw light over two days on the present situation of the flexible foam industry, from the widest possible points of view. Not only were the macro economic data from the view of the OECD extensively discussed, but also the relationship with the raw material prices. The prospects and trends in the automotive, mattress and furniture industries were further major themes. As always, REACH and its current state of affairs continued to be included among the subjects. The CertiPUR initiative, that was brought into being on 14th April during the Milan furniture fair in order to proactively promote the image of PUR flexible foam, is to be seen here in the same context. CertiPUR should be established as the industry standard for the flexible foam industry, with the “SHE aspects” (Safety, Health, Environment) in the foreground. This way, not only should production be considered, but also the entire life cycle of the products right up to recycling. 17 companies have so far applied for certification, but it is to be expected that 80% of the European flexible foam producers will participate in it by the end of the year. It is also being considered how the raw material producers can be included within this system. Whether this aim can be achieved will be discussed at next year’s annual general meeting, that will take place from 8th to 9th June in Noordwijk aan Zee.

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