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12. July 2005

German plastics and rubber machinery producers are satisfied with 2004

The German Plastics and Rubber Machinery Association (VDMA) has presented its sales figures for 2004.

According to this report the total value of machinery and equipment supplied to the plastics and rubber industry showed a marked rise of 9.4 % to EUR 7,595 million.
Export shipments increased by 14.7 %, reaching a new peak of EUR 3,733 million, while the export ratio was marginally higher at 74.8 %. Imports rose by 7.5 %, contributing to a 10.8 % growth on the domestic market.
Deliveries to customers in Europe fell slightly in 2004, as a result of a drop of 7.6% to the 25 EU countries. This figure reflects statistical problems because of the different ways in which deliveries to and from the new accession countries are recorded. The marked rise of 21.2% in deliveries to ‘Other European countries’, including Russia, Switzerland and Turkey, was not enough to offset the decline in the EU figure.
North America (+11.3 %) and Latin America (+85.1 %) showed a much more positive trend in sales of German machinery last year. They accounted for 12.3% of all German exports to North America and – after a dramatic collapse in the previous years – 6.3 % of total exports to South America.

Markets in Asia gained further in importance in 2004 with the strongest growth rate of the last few years. Up 38.1% to a value delivered of EUR 1,261 million, they passed the billion mark for the first time. Asia’s share of all German exports reached a new high of 33.8%. China continued to be the most important market for German plastics and rubber machinery, well ahead of the US.

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