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20. March 2006

VIETNAM: Dac Lac grows rubber trees in southern Lao provinces

Source: Vietnam News Agency, Hanoi; 18 Mar 2006

The Dac Lac Rubber Company plans to reclaim 5,000 ha
of land in the southern Lao provinces of Champasac,
Saravan and Atopu, with a half of it to be used for
rubber plantation.

This is part of a US$30 million economic cooperation
programme between Laos and Viet Nam on rubber
plantation development on 10,000 ha in Laos.

In 2005, 850 ha of farmland in Champasac and Saravan
provinces was planted with rubber trees.

The company expects to fulfill the programme's target by 2008.

(Syed Rashid Ali, Karachi, Pakistan)

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