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28. March 2007

SRI LANKA: Rubber production up in 2006

Source: "Daily News", Colombo; 28 Mar 2007

The Department of Rubber Development said Sri Lanka
has recorded 109 million kg of rubber production last
year and it was 104 million in 2005.

An official of the Department said that rubber exports
were recorded as 46 million Kg last year and in 2005
it was 31.6 million Kg . While rubber exports
increased last year local consumption has declined in

The local consumption was recorded as 63 million Kg
last year and it was 72.7 million Kg the previous
year. This is due to the higher prices last year and
many manufacturers must have switched to other
substitutes, the official said.

Sri Lanka has exported 19.8 million Kg of sheet rubber
last year. This was 12 million Kg in 2005. Country had
also exported 2.49 million Kg of sole crepe rubber and
0.6 million kilos of scrap crepe rubber last year.

Exports of latex crepe were 16.3 million kilos in 2006
and it was 10 million kilos in 2005. ESR exports
recorded as 4.5 million kilos while it was 2.1 million
kilos 2005. Latex and other rubber exports were
recorded as 2.6 million kilos last year.

Still we have not calculated the total earnings that
we have gained through total rubber exports and there
is a significant growth in the new planting last year.
The new planting was reported as 1563 acres while it
was 1032 acres in 2005, he said.

But there is a decline in replanting last year which
was 1122 acres, the official said.

(Syed Rashid Ali, Karachi, Pakistan)

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