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24. July 2009

Premium hose combines many TPE features

The German manufacturer of hose and connecting systems, Masterflex AG with headquarters in Gelsenkirchen, has recently launched the new Master-TPA hose line.

According to the company, the Master-TPA hose combines many features previously only found in a few special materials and is made from 30% of renewable resources. The main features include exceptional chemical resistance to almost all solvents, sulphuric acid, sodium hydroxide solutions, isooctane, and acetone; high flexibility at low temperatures; good abrasion resistance as well as good resistance to UV radiation, hydrolysis and microbes. In addition, Master-TPA hoses are also suitable for food applications. The wall material is EC Directive 2002/72 compliant and approved for direct food contact. Furthermore, Master-TPA hoses are free of plasticisers and halogens, lighter than other thermoplastics, very flexible and can withstand high dynamic loads. Exposed to such loads, this hose features very low expansion rates and good thermal stability, resulting in a longer service life compared with other hose types. Tight bend radii and virtually smooth hose bores make this new hose type fit for all applications that require optimum flow characteristics. Static charges can be dissipated by grounding the reinforcing helix according to BGR132.
According to the company, the new hose is a complementary product to TPU hoses as well as an additional alternative to products made from PU, fluoro­polymer, natural and synthetic rubber.

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