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02. October 2009

A. Schulman at the Fakuma 2009

The manufacturer and distributor of engineering compounds, masterbatches and standard polymers will focus at this year’s Fakuma on new eco-conscious and money-saving products.

One product series is the Schuladur Top Speed range. The flow capacity of these polyesters was considerably increased– with no negative effects on the mechanical properties, says the company. They can be converted at a melt temperature that is 20% lower than usual, which means that cycle times can be significantly shortened. The lower injection pressure is easier on complex machine tools and the energy consumption of the injection moulding machinery is greatly reduced.

Schulamid 66 MV HI TST are high impact polyamides. A new modification technology has enabled the production of this exceptional high impact material that is suitable for many applications. Its ease of processing and cost advantage makes it the ideal solution for the budget-conscious, says Schulman.

Another focus will be laid on sustainable material solutions. A good alternative in certain applications is the use of fillers such as natural fibres which can replace minerals or fibreglass. Polyfort NF is a compound that contains sustainable raw materials and has lower density.

Another “green” product range is Schulamid FR2. A. Schulman uses halogen-free FR2 technology for flame retardant polyamides to produce materials that are compliant with RoHS and WEEE environmental regulations. The eco benefits come from the modified flame retardation systems and also from the lower density. The lighter weight of the components and the choice of processing options available to the customer make parts production easier and more eco friendly.

A successful application of Schulablend M/MK (ABS/PA) is the Nespresso coffee machines. The material is used to make resilient plastic parts that have an elegant matte finish and don’t need painting. This is done by specialised moulding of the material surface. The luxurious overall look comes from the interplay with the shiny metal and plastic surfaces.

The “natural” look is extremely popular in today’s consumer goods. The Schulaterra range is used to create surfaces that have a natural look and feel. It can be used to produce a multitude of original effects and designs such as simulated granite, marble or textile surfaces, or opaque looks and semi-transparent effects that are ideal for backlighting.

Schulamid T creates transparency in design. Unlike PC or SAN it is a clear polyamide that combines good chemical resistance with very good transparency. Also its mechanical properties are more in line with those of unreinforced polyamides. It is ideally suited for overmoulding electrical conductors which requires a waterproof and gas resistant coating.

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