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09. April 2014

Update on Flame Retardant Textiles

J. Alongi, A. R. Horrocks, F. Carosio, G. Malucelli, Smithers Rapra, Shawbury, 2013, 356 p., EUR 100, ISBN 978-1-90903-017-6

The book initially outlines the background statistics and need for flame retardant textiles, the related legislation and regulations, and the associated test methods and performance requirements which have given rise to their enhanced safety.

Then follows the progress achieved in flame retardancy of both natural and synthetic fibres/fabrics moving from the traditional approaches, their related environmentally sustainable issues and possible solutions to those new strategies having possible commercial potential (deposition and/or assembly of architectures, plasma treatments, sol-gel processes, etc.).

Then, an overview of the chemical development of flame retardant strategies based on halogen-free compounds is summarised. The third part of the book is devoted to a description of solutions based on nanotechnology.

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