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19. December 2014

Characteristics and Analysis of Non-Flammable Polymers

T. R. Crompton, Smithers Rapra, 2013, 160 p., hardcover, EUR 190.00, ISBN 978-1-84735-466-2 (also available as softcover)

Methods used to assess fire retardancy in polymers are discussed and summarised in this book. The first chapter discusses fire retardant mechanisms in polymers. Chapter 2 describes test methods for fire retardancy. The following chapters describe industrial application were fire retardancy is key, like building + construction, E + E, and transportation. Flammability characteristics of several polymers are presented in chapter 6, intumescent polymers in chapter 7. The last chapter discusses the influence of fillers, additives, and flame retardants on the mechanical properties of polymers. The book is of interest not only to those working in industry but also to design engineers and producers in the polymer fabrication industries.

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