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27. May 2015

Handbook of Plastics Failure Analysis

Friedrich Kurr, Carl Hanser Verlag, Munich, 2015, 446 p., hardcover, EUR 249.99, ISBN 978-1-56990-519-7

The Handbook of Plastics Failure Analysis is a useful encyclopedia in the area of quality assurance. It is written by a practitioner for practitioners and includes many technical terms as well as colloquial expressions and descriptions that will be helpful for students and persons new to the area.

The manual includes a technical glossary with 2,620 alphabetically arranged terms, a cross-referenced list of definitions and 588 images and associated analyses for avoidance of damage to plastics. The reader is therefore assisted to determine and describe the precise kind of damage of a particular sample. Images of the quality and damage analysis of moulding materials, semi-finished products, and moulded parts, are either macroscopic photographs or are taken using light or scanning electron microscopy.

Overall this book is a useful manual for both professionals and students, consisting of Friedrich Kurr’s long experience and knowledge in the field of damage analysis and as a teaching fellow at various academic and industrial institutions.

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