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18. December 2017

Shape-Memory Polymer Device Design

David L. Safranski, Jack C. Griffis, William Andrew Publishing/Elsevier, Oxford, UK, 2017, 246 p., hardcover, EUR 136.50, ISBN 978-0-32-337797-3, e-book, EUR 136.50, ISBN 978-0-32-337808-6

The book Shape-Memory Polymer Device Design discusses the latest shape-memory polymers and the ways they have started to transition out of the laboratory and into devices and commercial products. It introduces the properties of shape-memory polymers and presents design principles, providing a guide for the R&D engineer/scientist and design engineer to add the shape memory effect of polymers into their design toolbox. This is the first book to focus on applying basic science knowledge to design practical devices, introducing the concept of shape-memory polymers, the history of their use, and the range of current applications.


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