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19. December 2017

Chemistry and Technology of Polyols for Polyurethanes

Mihail Ionescu, Smithers Rapra, Shawbury, UK, 2nd ed., 2016, Vol. 1, 374 p., hardcover, EUR 120, ISBN 978-1-91024-213-1, Vol. 2, 422 p., hardcover, EUR 120, ISBN 978-1-91024-298-8

Smithers Rapra has published the updated second edition of the two volume book set Chemistry and Technology of Polyols for Poly­urethanes. Important worldwide developments in the area of polyols for polyurethanes in this period (2005 – 2015), especially for polyols from renewable resources, lead to the creation of this updated book. It considers the raw materials used to build the PU polymeric architecture. It covers the chemistry and technology of oligo-polyol fabrication, the characteristics of the various oligo-polyol families and the effects of the oligo-polyol structure on the properties of the resulting PU. It presents the details of oligo-polyol synthesis, and explains the chemical and physico-chemical subtleties of oligo-­polyol fabrication. Volume 1 is dedicated to polyols for elastic PU (flexible foams, elastomers etc.) and Volume 2 to polyols for rigid PU (rigid foams, wood substitute, packaging, flotation materials etc.). The book links data and information concerning the chemistry and technology of oligo-polyols for PU, providing a comprehensive overview of basic PU chemistry, key oligo-polyol characteristics, synthesis of the main oligo-polyol families, polyols from renewable resources, flame retardant polyols, chemical recovery of polyols, and relationships between polyol structure and PU properties.


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