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05. February 2018

Expanded PTFE Applications Handbook

Sina Ebnesajjad, William Andrew Publishing/Elsevier, Oxford, UK, 2016, 300 p., hardcover, EUR 192.60, ISBN 978-1-4377-7855-7, eBook, EUR 214.20, ISBN 978-1-4377-7856-4

Expanded PTFE Applications Handbook: Technology, Manufacturing and Applications is a comprehensive guide to ePTFE, explaining manufacturing technologies, properties, and applications. It provides detailed coverage of ePTFE applications in apparel, medical, and surgical devices, filtration, vents, and industrial uses. It begins with two short chapters describing a short history of fluoro­polymers, PTFE and expanded PTFE as well as their properties. Chapter 3 discusses polymerisation and finishing of PTFE by emulsion method (fine powder PTFE) placing emphasis on grades specially developed for membrane manufacturing. Chapter 4 describes processing of fine powder PTFE into precursor films and other shapes for the production of microporous membranes. Chapter 5 focuses on how expanded PTFE membranes and other shapes are formed followed by discussions of techniques to make different shapes of ePTFE in Chapter 6. Chapter 7 describes the properties and characteristics of ePTFE membranes along with a discussion of its important applications. Chapters 8 – 12 discuss key applications of ePTFE. Chapter 13 features a number of methods for treatment and modification of surfaces of microporous membranes. Chapter 14 presents the manufacturers of expanded micro­porous PTFE membranes.


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