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23. March 2018

Designing Successful Products with Plastics. Fundamentals of Plastic Part Design

Mark T. MacLean-Blevins, William Andrew Publishing/Elsevier, Oxford, UK, 2017, 326 p., hardcover, USD 240.00, ISBN 978-0-323-44501-6, ebook, USD 240.00, ISBN 978-0-323-44648-8

The book provides a useful expert insight into design considerations required to bring a concept product or part through design and ready-for-production. It shows how integrating four key choices (materials, processes, tooling and design) in every design decision allows the designer to fully vet and optimize the design. The emphasis of the book is on what the designer needs to consider during the early conceptual visualization stages, and in the detailed stages of the design process. This approach will bridge the gap between the industrial designer and the part designer. Useful to both experienced and novice designers, this book brings valuable design process information through specific examples, enabling designers and engineers in the plastics industry to effectively use the available technical information to successfully design and manufacture new products. Target readership are engineers and designers responsible for the design of products and component parts and manufacturing engineers responsible for the production of plastic components.


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