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08. April 2018

Introduction to Bioplastics Engineering

Syed Ali Ashter, William Andrew Publishing/Elsevier, Oxford, UK, 2016, 300 p., hardcover, EUR 143.00, ISBN 978-0-323-39396-6, ebook, EUR 143.00, ISBN 978-0-323-39407-9

The book Introduction to ­Bioplastics Engineering provides a fundamental, practical understanding of the differences between bioplastics and biodegradable polymers, along with guidance on the different methods used to process bioplastics. It comprises ten chapters that will enable a sound understanding on the bioplastic background and its market. After an informative introduction, the reader gets an overview of biodegradable polymers. The other chapters describe the mechanisms of polymer degradation, fundamentals on biodegradability, types of biodegradable polymers, additives and modifiers for biopolymers, processing biodegradable polymers, extrusion of biopolymers, commercial applications of bioplastics and new developments.

The book is aimed at product development engineers in the field of plastics, particularly in processing and production of biopolymers, at design engineers involved in creating new products and substituting biopolymers into existing products, particularly in packaging, automotive, medical sectors, as well as at biopolymer researchers seeking to learn more about processes and applications.


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