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09. July 2018

Shape-Memory Polymer Device Design

David L. Safranski, Jack C. Griffis, William Andrew Publishing/Elsevier, Oxford, UK, 2017, 246 p., hardcover, EUR 136.50, ISBN 978-0-32-337797-3, e-book, EUR 136.50, ISBN 978-0-32-337808-6

The book Shape-Memory Polymer Device Design discusses the latest shape-memory polymers and the ways they have started to transition out of the laboratory and into devices and commercial products. It introduces the properties of shape-memory polymers and presents design principles for designing and manufacturing, providing a guide for the R+D engineer/scientist and design engineer to add the shape memory effect of poly­mers into their design toolbox. This is the first book to focus on applying basic science knowledge to design practical devices, introducing the concept of shape-memory polymers, the history of their use, and the range of current applications.


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