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26. June 2019

Polyurethanes Emission Control. A Patent Literature Review

Gerhard J. Bleys. Polyurethanes Emission Control. A Patent Literature Review. Ebook, 299.00 EUR, purpatents.com


Emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC) from polyurethane systems and materials can contribute to safety, health and environmental issues and are subject to ever more stringent laws and regulations. This report reviews the different strategies and technologies to reduce or eliminate emissions from polyurethane systems as disclosed in the recent patent literature. The following groups of compounds are discussed: Monomeric isocyanates / Aldehydes / Amines / Silicones / Antioxidants / Flame retardants / Cyclic oligomers / “Odours”.

The author of the report is Gerhard J. Bleys, who holds a PhD in physical chemistry and has more than 35 years of research and innovation experience in surface- polymer- and materials science. He runs a consultancy service and is author of a very informative website dedicated to patent research in the field of innovations in polyurethanes.


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