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30. August 2021

RFP 03 2021 is out!

We look at mineral fillers, EPDM compounding, peroxide crosslinked silicone rubber, plastics recycling and sustainability.

This issue of RFP Rubber Fibres Plastics shows once more that the focus of our industry has shifted towards sustainability and circular solutions.

Continental, for example, has extended its commitment to sustainability in the natural rubber supply chain (p. 133). In the iMulch project various research institutes and companies teamed up with nova-Institute to establish test criteria for determining microplastics in the ecological system soil (p. 126). A position paper by CreaCycle GmbH, EPC Engineering & Technologies GmbH and Lömi GmbH calls for the recognition and inclusion of solvent-based purification/dissolution as material recycling for the purpose of calculating recycling quotas (p. 139). To boost research on chemical recycling of mixed plastic waste Coperion has supplied a twin screw extruder to Ghent University (p. 147).

RFP Rubber Fibres Plastics - issue 03/2021

RFP Rubber Fibres Plastics - issue 03/2021

In our research papers, Nicole Holzmayr, Hubert Oggermüller and Tobias Brandmeier (Hoffmann Mineral) describe a mineral filler which displays its advantages when chlorine-free peroxides are used as crosslinkers in high-temperature vulcanised (HTV) solid silicone (p. 128). Gilles Meli and Anais Berjeaud (Imerys) present some research on surface coated minerals developed especially for fluoroelastomers (p. 134). And Debatosh Baidya, Sharon Wu, Varun Thakur and Jerry Matthew (Dow) compare the processability of EPDM in pellet and bale form during the mixing process (p. 140).

Additional information on the new issue can be found at https://www.gupta-verlag.com/magazines/rfp-rubber-fibres-plastics-international/03-2021.

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