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28. November 2006

International Plastics Handbook – The Resource for Plastics Engineers

Tim A. Osswald, Erwin Baur, Sigrid Brinkmann, Karl Oberbach,
Ernst Schmachtenberg (Ed.), Hanser Verlag, München, 2006, 902 p., EUR 84.00, ISBN 3-446-22905-1

This useful handbook contains detailed information from basic materials and theoretical concepts to synthesis, compounding, processing and manufacturing, with detailed descriptions of individual plastics and boundary areas. The book contains more than one hundred tables of plastics data in ASTM, ISO and Din standards, and an international trade name register and buyer’s guide. The book is also available as e-book. With the printed copy the buyer receives a code which gives him free access to the electronic version of the book. Other new publications by Hanser:

  • Designing Plastics Parts for Assembly
    Paul A. Tres, 6 ed., 2006, 292 p., gb., EUR 84.00, ISBN 3-446-40321-3
  • The Complete Part Design Handbook for Injection Molding of Thermoplastics
    Edgar Alfredo Campo, 2006, 870 p., EUR 279.40, ISBN 3-446-40309-4
  • Precision Injection Molding. Process, Materials, and Applications
    Jehuda Greener, Reinhold Wimberger-Friedl (Ed.), 2006, 328 S., gb., EUR 121.40, ISBN 3-446-21670-7
  • Gastrow Injection Molds. 130 proven Designs
    Peter Unger (Ed.), 4. ed., 2006, 335 p., EUR 121.40, ISBN 3-446-40592-5
  • Hot Runner Technology
    Peter Unger, 2006, 242 p., EUR 121.40, ISBN 3-446-40584-4
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