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14. February 2007

Market Study: Flame Retardants

from Ceresana Research, Technologiezentrum, Konstanz, Germany, email: bestellung@ceresana.com, Price for single-users: EUR 1295 (printed version), EUR 1295 (PDF-Data on CD), EUR 1495 (printed and PDF). Price for multi-users: EUR 1995 (Printed version), EUR 1995 (PDF-Data on CD)

Ceresana Research has comprehensively analysed the global flame retardant market in an independent market study. Global consumption of flame retardants is currently over 1.5 million tonnes per annum, which corresponds to a sales volume of approx. EUR 1.9 billion. The flame retardant market will, according to this study, continue to increase significantly with average growth rates of 5 % per year. The Far East regions are considerable contributors to these high growth rates. The consequences for manufacturers and users of flame retardants arising from the changing legal situation, an increase in environmental awareness and increasing competition from the Far East, are comprehensively dealt with. In the first chapter, the market study presents the physical and chemical basics of flame retardance. An up to date overview of the flame retardant market and important trends and innovations are also given. Interestingly the development of nano-composites and their possible technical uses as flame retardants are focused on; this pleases the reviewer as the discoverer of this innovative material concept for the plastics industry. The second chapter presents market data on the various flame retardant markets. The quantitative developments of various classes of flame retardants are presented according to region. The third chapter examines the most important areas of application of flame retardants. Plastics, with a market share of about 80 % represent the most important market for flame retardants. In the fourth chapter the most important organic and inorganic flame retardants are listed separately. The reader is presented with detailed information including technical characteristics, areas of application, manufacturers, trade names and consumption levels. Two further chapters are dedicated to the effects certain flame retardants have on the environment and health as well as to the description of national and international norms which have an important effect on the flame retardant market. The seventh chapter with almost 300 pages(!) marks the conclusion of the study. The most important international producers and niche producers of flame retardants are listed according to country. Important information regarding trade names, capacities, foundation dates, turnover, number of employees as well as direct contact addresses for almost 250 manufacturers are supplied. The market study is therefore particularly suitable for manufacturers, traders and users of flame retardants. In total the study provides a comprehensive market transparency with over 600 pages and supports strategic planning with its important data and facts, as well as sound prognoses regarding individual products, regions and market segments. Above all the systematic listing of globally active manufacturers is very useful, in order to analyse existing products within a global context and to use alternative supply sources. Ceresana Research has published a very helpful market study, which due to its moderate price compared to analogue studies is put in a very positive light. – Dr. Günter Beyer –

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