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17. August 2007

Study on global filler market

2 Vols., Vol. I: Market data, application areas, filler types; Vol. II: Profiles of filler manufacturers; EUR 1,995 (EUR 2,995 with CD, volumes can also be purchased separately), Ceresana, Konstanz, Germany

From Ceresana, an independent market research institute based in Konstanz, Germany, comes a new market study which delivers in-depth information on the global market of fillers. Ceresana’s experts see a worldwide market with a volume of more than 50million tons of fillers with a total sum of ca. EUR25billion for different application areas. Among the 20 most important fillers, calcium carbonate holds the largest market volume and is mainly used in the paper industry and increasingly in the plastics sector. While formerly ground calcium carbonate was used, today precipitated calcium carbonate which is manufactured with the natural mineral is increasingly applied to enhance technical properties of the end product. Another tendency can be seen in a partial shift of the filler market from North America and Europe to Asia, particularly China and India. Ceresana analysts see several reasons for this development. On the one hand, these countries comprise of sufficient mineral deposits that can be exploited at low costs. On the other hand, parts of the plastics, rubber and paper manufacture have been shifted from industrialised to aspiring countries. As a result many companies purchase their raw material, especially fillers, locally. Not only demand for fillers in Asian countries has increased, but also exports of mineral fillers to Europe and North America. Ceresana expects the whole filler market to grow by average rates of ca. 3% annually to 74million tons and a total sum of EUR48billion in 2016, as all Western markets tend to grow and the percentage of fillers in goods will further increase. Since Asia is growing disproportionately high, its share in the global filler market will grow from 26% to presumably 44% in 2016, while the other regions will lose shares in the world market despite slight growthrates.

The study also delivers detailed profiles of 700companies.

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