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10. September 2008

Castable polyurethane elastomers

Ian Clemitson, CRC Press, Boca Raton, USA, 2008, 250 p., hardcover, EUR 106.00, ISBN 978-1-4200-6576-3

This recommendable book is intended as a practical guide and delivers explanations to the production process of PU elastomer components from both the theoretical and practical point of view.

It describes the underlying concepts for the raw material supplier recommendations and explains how to achieve application-specific properties in polyurethane. The book explains the production of prepolymers with special focus on health and safety issues.

It presents the different types of methods available on both the micro and macro levels and explains the rationale behind choosing the system needed to create a cost-effective, application-specific product.
It is divided into the following chapters: Introduction.

Chemistry. Prepolymer production. Hand processing. Processing. Casting. PU processing problems. Properties. Applications. Tools for evaluation. Health and safety. The appendices include information on abbrevations and trade names, technical terms, curatives, release agents, isocyanate calculation, chemical structures and applications.

The book is useful for materials scientists, engineers, and chemists to understand the total production process and reproduce the procedures to achieve desired results. It is well-suited also for beginners in the field of PU elastomers.

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