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27. May 2021

Everchem: Jim Panetta passed away

Vincent A. Panetta, one of the original founders of Everchem, passed away on 19 March 2021. “Jimmy”, as he was known, worked for about ten years with the other two founders, Bob Daniele and David Patten at Arco Chemical. He was a serial entrepreneur with experiences owning a deli, a restaurant, multiple health clubs, was a stockbroker, and even sold imported vacuum cleaners at local home shows.

Early in his career, he had worked for Atlantic Richfield as a gas station sales rep, working out deals for Arco franchisees in the Philadelphia area. Later, he came back to Arco Chemical as a chemical sales representative. In the mid 1990s he left the company during a restructuring and used his knowledge to create his own company, Evercrest. His business did well and when Bob Daniele and Dave Patten decided to form a urethane distributorship in 2002, he invested and helped establish credit lines for the new company, Everchem. Later, he passed along his plastics business to his sons and after Everchem was firmly established, sold his shares. Until recently, he continued to be an advisor for the company.


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