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25. November 2021

IISRP to honor synthetic rubber industry leaders

The International Institute of Synthetic Rubber Producers, Inc. (IISRP) will be honoring two of its outstanding leaders at its next Annual General Meeting (AGM). Mr. Liang Aimin of Sinopec will be the recipient of the prestigious IISRP General Award, and Mr. Lucio Spelta retired from Versalis, will receive the coveted IISRP Technical Award. Both awards will be formally presented during the 62nd IISRP Annual General Meeting in Saint Petersburg, Russia, the week of 16 May 2022.

"I look forward to presenting these awards to two exceptional leaders in the synthetic rubber industry and valuable collaborators of the IISRP," said Juan Ramon Salinas, Managing Director and CEO of the IISRP.

Liang Aimin (Source: IISRP)

Liang Aimin (Source: IISRP)

Professor Liang graduated from the School of Chemical Engineering of Dalian University of Technology with a bachelor's degree in polymer chemical engineering in 1984. In 1997, he obtained an MBA from the School of Business Administration of RenminUniversity of China. He is currently the chief expert in synthetic materials for Sinopec, director of four national, provincial, and ministerial-level R+D centers. He is also the editor-in-chief or editorial board member of six journals and magazines, including Modern Chemical Engineering. He currently serves as the President of China Synthetic Rubber Industry Association and the Vice Chairman of Rubber Institute of Chemical Industry and Engineering Society of China.

Professor Liang has been playing an essential role in developing the synthetic rubber industry in China since 2001. It has been committed to promoting the comprehensive development of the synthetic rubber industry in China. He also organized experts to compile the Medium and Long-Term Development Plan of Synthetic Rubber Industry in China, guiding the industry in China to develop as the most significant player in terms of production and consumption worldwide. He has made significant contributions to the sustainable development of the synthetic rubber industry in China and worldwide. Professor Liang has been an outstanding leader in the Chinese and Global synthetic rubber industry and deserves the IISRP's highest award.

Lucio Spelta (Source: IISRP)

Lucio Spelta (Source: IISRP)

Mr. Spelta has an extensive career in the polymer industry. During his professional career, he participated in multiple projects in the Elastomers division of the Chemical Division of Eni, working extensively in the development of elastomer types such as NBR, BR, SBS, EPDM, acrylic rubbers, among others, as well as in technical assistance and application development activities. He is the author of numerous papers and patents and a speaker at multiple international conferences. He has developed extensive application experience, having dealt with tires, technical articles, technical articles, plastic material modification, thermoplastic compounds and POS, adhesives, oil modification, paper impregnation, mattresses, W&C. He was a member for more than 20 years of the IISRP technical-operational committee where he participated as vice-chair, chair, and acting chair of the EMEA and Standing Technical and Operating Committee. Mr. Spelta graduated with Laude from Milan University in industrial chemistry.


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