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31. March 2010

Change of Managing Directors in the Feddersen Group

Volker Scheel and Andreas Stuber have additionally been appointed as Managing Directors of Norddeutsche Ueberseegesellschaft in Hamburg mbH and of Transeurasia GmbH and thus will also be the Managing Directors for K. D. Feddersen GmbH & Co. KG. Scheel and Stuber will represent the companies each with sole power of representation.

They have been members of the Feddersen Group for many years and working in leading positions. Both will continue their previous positions in the group of companies. At the same time, Karlheinz Schuster has been dismissed as Managing Director of Norddeutsche Ueberseegesellschaft in Hamburg mbH (including K.D.Feddersen GmbH&Co.KG), of Akro-Plastic GmbH, of K.D.Feddersen &Co. UeberseegesellschaftmbH as well as of Transeurasia GmbH.

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