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08. March 2015

Elastocon to highlight five new TPE grades at NPE2015

Elastocon TPE Technologies will be featuring at least five of its newest grades at this year’s NPE.

The CLR series of clear grades offer good tensile and tear strength properties and a tactile finish. They are FDA compliant and can be overmoulded onto PP and other materials, thus making them suited for medical applications and toys. Furthermore, there are four new grades in the 8000 series available:

  • Grade 8150 is a black 48 Shore A TPE with rubber-like properties providing a matte surface finish, making it suitable for consumer goods and industrial applications calling for UV stability. It is also suitable for automotive applications having just passed FMVSS302 specifications (Flammability of Interior Materials).
  • Grade 8078B is a black 82 Shore A TPE offering rubber-like properties and is suitable for applications calling for UV stability.
  • Grade 8088N, is a black 88 Shore A TPE for automotive applications having just passed FMVSS302.
  • Grade 8088BL is a colourable DA compliant 88 Shore A TPE that offers UV stability for applications calling for high impact resistance and a reduced CoF. This grade also passed FMVSS302.

Elastocon offers TPE solutions in seven product families: unfilled, filled, super clear, TPOs, oil-free for medical use, flame retardant, and special colourable ESD formulations. The privately-owned TPE formulator is based in Rochester, IL, USA.

Elastocon at NPE2015
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