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Kuraray will present its own racing kart and racing tyres based on ­Kuraray Liquid Rubber.

29. June 2018

Kuraray at DKT 2018: New developments within the liquid rubber portfolio

DKT 2018
Kuraray Hall 12 Stand 130

Kuraray will be presenting new bio-based Liquid Farnesene Rubber grades, as well as Kuraray Liquid Rubber (K-LR) products for enhanced compound processing. Liquid rubber derived from isoprene, butadiene, styrene and butadiene or the newly developed bio-based monomer Farnesene are widely used as high molecular weight, co-vulcanisable plasticisers. In rubber manufacturing, improvements in processing and physical properties can be achieved. Liquid rubbers are produced and used corresponding to their “solid” counter types. Therefore advantages can be demonstrated beyond a pure plasticising effect.

Kuraray Liquid Rubber in (racing) tyres

In addition to its excellent performance in winter tyres, Kuraray Liquid Rubber also achieves exceptional results in racing tyres: K-LR makes it possible to produce tyres with increased grip and longer service life. The use of Kuraray Liquid Rubber in (racing) tyres also increases safety, as a shortened braking distance is possible, even on wet or winter roads, a stable steering behavior is maintained. Kuraray Liquid Rubber affects the tan δ, which in turn leads to reduced rolling resistance and can thus reduce fuel consumption. At DKT ­Kuraray will present its own racing kart and racing tyres based on Kuraray Liquid Rubber.

Liquid Farnesene Rubber

As a new product, Kuraray introduces “Liquid Farnesene Rubber”, which adds a bio-based monomer to the Kuraray Liquid Rubber portfolio. Developed in cooperation with the bioscience company Amyris, Liquid Farnesene Rubber (LFR) is currently used mainly in winter tyres, where it increases ice grip at low temperatures while preventing the curing of rubber compounds over time, thereby maintaining the tyre performance.

In the poster session “Raw Materials and Compounds” (number 36) Dr. Maria Martinez Velencoso and Marcel Gründken, Technical Manager of Kuraray Europe GmbH, will present “Liquid Diene Rubber for improved compound characteristics”.


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