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29. October 2018

Huntsman launches fire-rated PIR-based foam insulation

Huntsman Polyurethanes has developed a new fire-rated PIR-based foam insulation for composite panels. DaltoPIR XHFR insulation technology was launched at the PPA-Europe / IFBS Panels and Profiles conference, which opened on 25 October 2018 in Thessalonki, Greece. PPA-Europe is the European Association of Panels & Profiles and IFBS is the International Association for Metal Building Envelopes.

Describing to the conference, how DaltoPIR fire-rated insulation products have something solid to deliver in terms of process and results, Kurt Jander, Sales Leader Insulation Systems at Huntsman, said: “With excellent thermal properties, our patented DaltoPIR insulation technology delivers optimal fire and smoke properties without compromising on processing performance or durability. In this way, panel producers can be assured that they are using the right systems available to create solid performance, in the most efficient way possible.”

According to Huntsman, its DaltoPIR insulation technology offers a different viscosity build up in rising foam, thereby enabling more stable and more consistent processing. This in turn can help panel producers achieve better panel planarity and quicker line speed. Furthermore, the resulting foam has very low friability, which contributes positively to the long-term properties of the panels. In his conference presentation, Jander outlined the solid results achieved in durability tests, where panels were subjected to long temperature cycles and aesthetic properties were continuously monitored.

Huntsman’s solid new DaltoPIR insulation technology is fully integrated into a novel product portfolio, which contains a range of different foam systems for various laminator conditions and fire rating standards.


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