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10. February 2005

High-pressure foaming machine

On the occasion of K 2004 in Düsseldorf, Hennecke presented a new HK generation. TopLine HK is a completely reviewed machine concept that reflects profound experience in applications.

All stations are designed as self-contained, transportable units that can be interconnected according to the plug-and-play principle. The major advantages resulting from the resolutely modular design, for the customers benefit, are high-speed start-up, easy access to all internal assemblies for control and maintenance, as well effortless conversion and expansion. Due to the modular design, TopLine HK can be combined with a multitude of supplementary and peripheral units (e.g. an Aeromat gas-loading device and a Pentamat pentane pre-mixing unit) and tailored to individual applications. Depending on individual requirements, Hennecke offers different mixing head types. The multi-purpose MX mixing head can be optionally equipped with balanced-pressure injectors. The mixing pressure is then automatically kept at a constant level over the entire working range.

Hennecke has developed a configurable control platform with a high-grade multifunctional control panel on the basis of the Windows CE operating system for TopLine HK. One of the outstanding features is the increased functionality granted for instance by the graphs that facilitate configuration, operation and maintenance and help analyse problems.

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