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14. February 2005

Laser directed shots

LaserSite was developed by Linden Industries, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, USA, for mixing heads used in open pour applications. The mixing head follows a specific pour pattern in the open mould to ensure adequate and uniform distribution before the molud is closed. The pour pattern can either be made manually by the operator or programmed to have a robot follow the pattern. In either case, actually making the pour or programming a robot path, the operator typically stands behind the mixing head and has to estimate where the shot will go. The accuracy of pour patterns and robot path programming needed to be improved.

The LaserSite projects three red dots onto the mould surface indicating precisely where the shot is aimed. The three dots identify the exact starting point of the pour in the mould and path at which the mixing head is directed. LaserSite can be added to any high-pressure mixing head with an output nozzle length of 3,81 cm (1.5”) or greater. The laser collar fits around the mixing head nozzle.

There are two power options for LaserSite. The first is to integrate the guide into the mix head controls. The lasers are activated when the mixing head is at high pressure. The second power option is to have a small, dedicated battery pack attached to the mixing head. The operator manually switches the lasers on and off as needed. The system allows precise aim of manually directed shots in open pour applications or can be used as a guide to programming robot pour patterns.

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