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30. November 2019

Wittmann Battenfeld: Focus on silicone injection moulding

At K 2019, Wittmann Battenfeld exhibited its injection moulding technologies, processes and applications under the motto “Enjoy Innovation”. Two of the applications presented by the Austrian machine manufacturer from Kottingbrunn were on the subject of elastomer processing. One of the application technology focal points at K 2019 was silicone injection moulding. A TPE application was also on display.

LSR injection moulding in focus

Medical valve made of LSR (Source: Wittmann Battenfeld)

Medical valve made of LSR (Source: Wittmann Battenfeld)

One of Wittmann Battenfeld’s main application technology themes at the K 2019 was silicone injection moulding. The company demonstrated its expertise in this area by producing a valve for medical technology from an LSR formulation on a machine of its all-electric EcoPower series, an EcoPower 160/350, with a 16-cavity mould supplied by Nexus, Austria. The injection unit in open design is said to enable easy integration of the LSR metering unit. The Nexus Highline metering unit comes with a new Servomix metering system with OPC-UA integration. In the mould, latest cold runner technology is used including Timeshot needle shut-off control. Parts removal and depositing was handled by a WX142 robot from Wittmann.

Further LSR applications on partner stands

At the stand of Sigma Engineering, the fully automatic production of potholders made of Silopren LSR 2650 was demonstrated, with a shot weight of 83 g and 1 mm wall thickness over 135 mm flow length. The potholders were produced on a SmartPower 90/350 from Wittmann Battenfeld, equipped with a W818 robot from Wittmann and grippers for parts removal and depositing. The mould and cold runner block from Emde MouldTec were combined with a pump and a mixing unit from Nexus and integrated in the machine’s B8 control system.

At the stand of Momentive, a cellphone holder made of PC and LSR was manufactured on a multi-component machine from the servo-hydraulic SmartPower series, a SmartPower 120/130H/130S Combimould LSR, equipped with a W921 robot from Wittmann and a Tempro plus D2 140 dual-circuit temperature controller, as well as an Aton plus H30 dryer and a 1+1 transfer tool with needle shut-off cold runner supplied by Elmet. The Top 5000P metering pump also comes from Elmet. The LSR used was Silopren LSR 2749, which is said to offer particularly good adhesion on PC. The material feeding system for the thermoplastic material is geared to processing extremely small quantities to ensure adequate material drying.

Multi-component application with TPE

The company also showcased its latest further development of the vertical machine in PowerSeries design in the multi-component version. On a VPower 120/130H/210V, a plug made of PA and TPE for the automotive industry was manufactured with a 2+2-cavity mould. The complete automation system for the machine was designed by Wittmann Battenfeld Deutschland in Nuremberg. In this application, a Scara robot and a WX142 linear robot from Wittmann are used, which insert the wrap pins, transfer the preforms, then remove and deposit the finished parts.

Further topics at Wittmann Battenfeld were intelligent machines with adaptive algorithms, which adjust themselves to the ambient conditions. On a high-speed EcoPower Xpress 160/1100+ in a medical version, PET blood tubes were produced with a 48-cavity mould supplied by Pass Card, Taiwan. Another medical technology application was demonstrated on a machine from the MicroPower series designed for the production of micro parts in the clean-room version. It produced a micro retaining ring for medical miniature tubes from PC with an eight-cavity mould supplied by Wittner, Austria. Lightweight technology for the automotive industry was offered with the Cellmould structured foam technology. The subject of circular economy was addressed with a product from the packaging industry.


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