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20. October 2020

DuPont: New brand for silicone-based products for the medical and pharmaceutical industry

DuPont has launched the new brand name Liveo for its extensive range of silicone healthcare solutions. From now on, the brand will strengthen the company's position in three key healthcare markets: Biopharmaceutical Processing, Pharmaceutical Solutions and Medical Devices.

The Liveo product line includes pharma tubing and overmoulded assemblies for single-use systems in biopharma processing, transdermal and topical drug delivery systems, medical adhesives for advanced wound care and ostomy care and wearables, silicone elastomers for a wide range of speciality medical devices, anti-flatulent active pharmaceutical ingredients, silicone antifoams, coating, fluids, emulsions etc.

The product line continues to be manufactured at the DuPont Healthcare Industries Materials Site (HIMS) in Hemlock, MI, USA, which is an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14000 registered site and FDA registered utilising GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices). Historically marketed with a Dow Corning or Silastic trade name, the product offering and packaging material are not changing.


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