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Founded in 2007, FRX Polymers operates a pilot plant at its headquarters in Chelmsford, MS, USA, and a full-scale commercial plant in Antwerp, Belgium. (Source: FRX Polymers)

06. January 2021

FRX Polymers: Water-based non-halogenated FR dispersion for textile coatings

FRX Polymers Inc. announced the development of Nofia W2000 EX water-based dispersions for use in the production of low volatile organic compound (VOC) water-based textile coatings including synthetic leathers for automotive interiors, home furnishing, tents and tarpaulins, and fire-proof applications. Nofia W2000 EX is said to enable these products to meet the most stringent fire safety standards while addressing the unmet need for a robust halogen-free FR solution for water-based coatings.

Coated textiles are utilised in various markets including automotive, aerospace, agricultural, industrial, healthcare, sports, and defense. Textile coatings deliver a range of properties including flame retardancy, water proofing, and antimicrobial performance. According to FRX Polymers, in the last few years, water-based coatings have grown at a double-digit rate in the textile arena because of their ability to reduce air pollution and exposure to solvents used in solvent-based coatings. An unmet need in water-based coatings has been the ability to offer flame retardancy with a robust halogen-free solution. In response, the company has developed a water-based version of its Nofia FR to the market.

Nofia W2000 EX dispersion – currently available for qualification trials – is transparent and has a 60 % solid content and less than a 400 nm particle size. It has very good compatibility with various water-based polymers including polyurethane dispersions used in textile coatings and synthetic leather applications. When added to PUD coatings, the product is said to form a fully transparent film with low haze and soft touch and feel. In halogen-free tents/tarpaulins and fireproof clothing, the dispersion does not alter the coating to be seamlessly welded and passes all the high-water pressure resistance tests as well as the jungle humidity test. The resulting products pass stringent flame-retardant tests like CPAI-84 (Canvas Products Association International). This is a stringent specification for FR-resistant tents and is performed after exposing the coated fabric to leaching and accelerated weathering test protocols. Nofia W2000 EX-based coatings also meet ASTM 6413 (vertical burn test for flame resistance of textiles).

In automotive synthetic leathers, Nofia W2000 EX-based coatings meet relevant automotive fire safety standards as well as new total VOC and fogging standards established by major global automotive suppliers as well as the new Chinese GB/T 27630-201X standard, said FRX Polymers. In home furnishings, the product provides a unique halogen-free flame-retardant solution for synthetic leathers used in home furniture, meeting BS 5852 Crib 5 standards while maintaining good touch and feel.


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