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27. May 2021

Kuraray: Marcel Gruendken to speak at Tire Technology Virtual Conference ‘Live’

Marcel Gruendken, Senior Manager EMEA MD&TS, R&D and Regulatory Affairs, Kuraray Europe, Germany, is going to give a presentation at the Tire Technology Virtual Conference ‘Live’. His presentation “Low-molecular-weight ‘liquid’ polymers – an alternative ingredient” will discuss chemicals and innovations in the tire industry as well as the differentiation of plasticizers, resins and polymers. Co-reactivity with main polymers and interaction with fillers is described as well as Kuraray’s liquid rubber and applications in tires.

(Source: Kuraray)(Source: Kuraray)

The Tire Technology Virtual Conference ‘Live’ will take place during two weeks in June, 7-11 June 2021 and 15-18 June 2021, respectively. It will take the place of Tire Technology Expo in 2021, which will return 5-7 April 2022 in Hannover with the same layout, exactly as it was run in recent years.


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