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Hexpol TPE has added new grades to their family of hydrophilic TPEs (Source: Hexpol TPE)

10. September 2021

Hexpol TPE: Super swelling hydrophilic TPE for saline environments

In response to increasing demand for waterstop construction and sea wall defences, Hexpol TPE has added new grades to their family of hydrophilic TPEs. The Dryflex WS+ grades have been optimised for performance in high saline environments.

Hydrophilic waterstops are used as part of a concrete structure to help prevent the passage of fluids (e.g. water) when embedded in concrete joints. To ensure that under high saline conditions the waterstop swells to form a positive pressure seal, new formulations were needed and the Dryflex WS+ grades were developed.

Hexpol TPE says that Dryflex WS+ TPEs are designed to give higher swell levels for applications in high saline environments, typically from 6% salinity.

Dryflex WS and WS+ TPEs swell when immersed in water and when there is no longer water present, they shrink back to their original size – a process of expansion and contraction that can be repeated over and over again since the materials have solid structural integrity. Profiles produced from Dryflex WS materials exhibit excellent retention of properties during repeated cycling.

Martin Bradbury, Senior Account Manager, Hexpol TPE UK, commented “We think the Dryflex WS TPEs are pretty special, they aren’t the normal product area for a TPE compounder. But they show how we want to bring new and inventive materials to help our customers meet their challenges. The addition of the new Dryflex WS+ grades open even more possibilities”.


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