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25. November 2021

Notedome: Expanding the application envelope of MDI quasi systems

Regulation(s) on the curing agent MbOCA (4,4'-methylenebis[2-chloroaniline]) has been in the news for many years and as ECHA updates information on authorisation for use under REACH, it is ever important to be ready to comply. As polyurethane elastomer processors identify alternative products to substitute the incumbent MbOCA based technology, the Notedome team while providing information on alternative curatives for their Neuthane TDI prepolymers have at the same time been developing the next generation of MDI-based technology to give their customers’ another option as they seek alternatives.

Neuthane 801 XP is an advance in Quasi MDI technology, widening the application envelope where this family of materials can replace traditional TDI / MbOCA elastomers. Building on the earlier versions of Neuthane 801, a technology that has been widely used for many years in industries such as Automotive, Mining and Offshore energy. Notedome said that the XP type has been developed to limit the difficulties associated with MDI processing. It allows the polyurethane processor control over their process to provide elastomers with excellent mechanical and dynamic performance.

Notedome has presented the new technology at UTECH Europe together with its distributor Nordmann.


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