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12. August 2006

TPE gives soft touch to ultrasound probe

Huntleigh Healthcare, Bedfordshire, UK, has chosen Thermolast K from German TPE supplier Kraiburg TPE to add a touch of comfort to its Doppler Ultrasound probe. The TPE compound ensures a soft, smooth surface area on the skin contact section of the probe, improving comfort levels for patients undergoing ultrasound monitoring. In addition, the use of the same TPE to provide strain relief at the cable entry point on the probe has replaced the need for a separate strain relief component, thereby eliminating an assembly step and speeding up the manufacturing process. It is P.P. Injection Moulds and Moulding Ltd, Calne, Wiltshire, UK, who manufactures the probe on behalf of Huntleigh. Kraiburg TPE’s products are available worldwide. Subsidiaries and sales offices are based in Great Britain, Italy, Spain, Malaysia and Hong Kong as well as at the company`s production locations in the USA and Germany.

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