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07. May 2007

BASF shows new Basonat product line at ECC

BASF will present at the European Coatings Show among many other products its new Basonat product line based on isophorone diisocyanate. Basonat IT is used as ingredient for exceptionally hard and fast-drying PU coatings with very good light- and weather-fastness and chemicals resistance. The monomeric Basonat I is described to be ideal for synthesising linear-structured PU polymers that are lightfast and resistant to hydrolysis.

Joncryl 8311 is the first so-called “Rheology Controlled” emulsion to be crosslinked with isocyanates. The emulsion is stabilised by a polymer crosslinking agent. This allows to formulate water-based, two-component coatings that adhere well to plastics and metals. For demanding coatings applications, the OH functionality of the product allows it to be crosslinked with isocyanates such as Basonat HW and/or Basonat HA. This results in coatings formulations characterised by very good chemical resistance and adhesion.

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